Who We Are

Since YOUNGS Experience Marketing Agency (YOUNGS) was founded in 2004, we have been constantly expanding our reach in the field of brand communication. Our core proficiencies are our market insights, innovative ideas, customized services, and efficient implementation. As we’ve expanded, we’ve been able to provide tailor-made branding and communication solutions to prominent companies and organizations in Greater China and around the world.

Headquartered in Beijing with branches scattered across Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, we assembled 230 in-house experts to support our nationwide service network covering greater China. Moreover, we also work with our global strategic partners in North America, Europe, and Northeast Asia to create a global response network that provides localized services, anywhere. We strive to outperform our role and go beyond our clients’ expectations until good is better, and better is best. Through years of growth and development, we have built a strong operations team with the capacity to plan and execute large-scale events and live experience projects. Meanwhile, we also developed a whole set of procurement systems, operations procedures, and quality control systems to make sure we always remain on the right track.

While today’s consumer becomes more and more independent, media becomes more and more diverse. Internet is starting to play an increasingly important role for the new generation of consumers. Sensing such changes, we adapted our business by mixing integrated advertising, public relations, offline activities, digital experiences, and extra diverse communication channels together to transform brands into stories and experiences people love and enjoy. We provide customers with services such as media strategy consulting, planning and innovation, project execution, media placement, public opinion monitoring, and crisis management. We are committed to our craft: brand building and core value communication. We strive to enhance a brand’s name recognition, reputation, and influence by telling touching stories and creating unparalleled live experiences.

This is YOUNGS, we keep walking, and pursuing infinite possibilities.






Our goal is simple and direct, to create great things that people love and enjoy. Driven by this principle, we are always committed to it. We’ve never stopped seeking and recruiting individuals with talents and visions; and we team with great people who strive to push their ideas into fruition and outperform expectations. At YOUNGS, like all the other actionists, we talk less, do more, and get reward.



You’ve heard it a lot but we’ll say it again. When you roll with us at YOUNGS, you’re in it for the long haul as we expect. This is part of a life-long journey, and we will be with each other going through all the ups and downs, witness glories and conquer battles. Whether we’re sketching out new ideas in the Think Tank or we’re opening the in-house bar during lunch or parties … we’ve always got our sleeves rolled up, ready to get our hands dirty and bodies sweat. We love this, as it makes the Monday suck less, and Friday deserve better.



A group of young people gets together and doing something fun that people love and enjoy!” Well, this is our down-to-earth self-positioning. Whether we’re enjoying a team dinner in town, or we’re hosting events out there somewhere, our guys are always looking to indulge in the culture to perfect the craft beyond expectations. We are all fans of live experience, and we create funs by mixing cool ideas, designs, innovations, technologies, arts, fusion concepts, and stories together. When we call it a day, it’s always fun to count the “Smiles” & “Likes” we gained in a “live” way!



Our team members are our greatest assets. Everyone’s work at YOUNGS is to be remembered. We believe that no idea is a bad idea and the best idea could come out of any head. If you see a void, fill it; if you find a problem, solve it. It’s this mentality that continues to push us forward and allows our team members to act more like mentors & experts. At YOUNGS, we only got people you can work with instead of working for.

We’ve never stopped seeking for talented individuals whom want to do great work with an amazing multidisciplinary team.