From June 3 to June 5, the ALL-NEW BMW X1 SOUTHEAST REGIONAL PBE was held in the landscape town of Anji, Zhejiang province. It provided driving trials for customers to experience the scenic beauty of southeast China, and also featured a music party. The famous singer Zhang Hongliang performed at the event, elevating the event to become a fashion feast that integrated music and the launch of the new BMW X1.

The activity “”ALL-NEW BMW X1 SOUTHEAST REGIONAL PBE”” marked the official launch of the brand-new BMW X1 to the southeast market. More than 200 guests participated and experienced test-drives in scenic areas, driving cross-country and participating in outdoor survival games and other programs. They were able to fully experience the superior quality and performance of the BMW X1.

In response to clients’ hopes to adjust the original activity plan to be in line with local conditions, the whole event was planned as a multi-level experience to better provide a refreshing new BMW X1 experience for attendees. The event location was themed as a “new BMW X1 town”. Before the event, an H5 was available for taking a 360-degree panorama of the event venue to give guests a taste of the event; when the guests arrive to the town, there were BMW brand logos and activity information seen everywhere. Guests were also able to experience the self-drive camp in the outdoor interactive district. Both individual and family car owners were able to have fun in the new BMW X1 town. The event also included more than 9 rounds of landscape drive trials and mud-land cross-country drive trials; the event received RSVPs for more than 400 BMW owners and hosted 2 launch events.”