Event Marketing

In order to promote our clients’ brand, products, culture value and strategy, we have made events as carrier to launch marketing promotions, providing personalized and professional services.

Brand Marketing

We are committed to install the brand image with its own personality, transfer brand value to the target markets, and expand brand influence and appeal.

Integrated Communication

We strive to bring creativity into concepts, contents, technologies and media applications, and create value for the brand.

Pan Entertainment

We plan in entertainment marketing field, and reprocess our clients’ brand and products needs in an entertainment way by taking cross-entertainments resources.


A lot people are curious about “Why YOUNGS”. Yeah, why YOUNGS? Why are these guys always seen everywhere in the spotlights with leading brands and crowds? We work for brands by working with brands; we present you best solutions by understanding both you and us. We are committed and ensured by a real “T.E.A.M.S.” which we’ve been performing for 12 plus years.


Together . Entrepreneur Spirit . Ambition . Manner . Systems & Standards

T We work as team at YOUNGS, and you don’t work for someone, but work with them; E We believe the entrepreneur spirit could trigger one’s infinite capability to fulfill any mission; A If you don’t know what to do tomorrow, you don’t deserve today. Everyone should have an ambition, and it is the ultimate motion to drive your outperformed action; M At YOUNGS, even our office pet knows that: “No matter what one is doing, the right manner matters”… Yeah, attitude, attitude, still attitude! S Only standards and systems could protect quality and drive growth.