In the PGL Summer Season held in Wuhan, the Lenovo ThinkPad, which has always been seen as a “”business notebook” and not a computer games-friendly laptop, attracted enormous attention. The Thinkpad was officially designated to be used in the PGL final, and established a strategic cooperation with ESL-Asia (Electronic Sports League), the official e-sports event organizer, to provide PGL with comprehensive hardware solutions and technical support. This was a milestone marking the ThinkPad’s officially entering the gaming industry.

The ThinkPad brand has always been closely following the rapid development of the gaming industry, and thus also understands the changes in hardware demands for professional gamers. Designed specifically for e-sports competitions, the ThinkPad S5 is more than just a “”notebook for gaming””. The S5 and P70 provide solutions to hardware problems in the e-sports industry. In cooperation with ESL-Asia, ThinkPad has become the only PC brand capable of providing comprehensive and professional solutions for problems in the gaming industry.”