The press release event of VIPS was a re-invention of what was traditionally done, and was broadcasted live to the world through various video websites, micro-blogs, news apps and live broadcasting platforms. Hua Shao, a celebrity known for his oratory skills, introduced the audience to a 3D Mapping projection on the scene that vividly replayed a 3D outer-space experience, kicking off the press release. Dressed as an astronaut in a space suit, Zhou Jielun came out of the space capsule with an astronaut helmet in his hand, arousing screams from the audience. He was later appointed as a chief VIP celebrity by the Vice-president of VIPS, Feng Jialu. Apart from music, film and TV, fashion and electronics, Zhou Jeilun has also now entered the e-commerce field, bringing celebrity endorsement to over 100 million VIPS members.