In 2016 and beyond, we will continue to see the digital revolution reinvent traditional industries around the world. The ongoing evolution of the ICT industry itself represents the core force behind the digital transformation across all business sectors.

During Huawei’s 13th annual Global Analyst Summit 2016 (HAS2016), Huawei, along with industry analysts and thought leaders, explored new challenges and opportunities brought about by the latest technology developments. At the Summit scene, the KV was vividly presented with an ultra HD point-to-point visual effect, and the offline O2O interactive system for taking pictures effectively ensured customer participation. The aim was to foster a more collaborative and robust ICT industry ecosystem and enhance economic prosperity. During the HAS2016, Huawei also provided an update on its business and innovation strategies, sharing its plans to drive business transformation for telecom carriers and enterprise organizations, as well as plans to ensure superior user experiences for global consumers.”