The super entertainment IP derived from the TMALL 11·11 Global Shopping Festival of the Alibaba Group brought together the world’s most dazzling stars and global best-selling brands, as well as an integrated variety of content, star games and mobile shopping. Consumers were able to join together to have fun, shop, and enjoy multi-scenario interactions with other customers real-time through the various platforms such as TV, internet and mobile phone. Presented by the world’s leading producer, the producer of the “Super Bowl”, the 2016 11·11 carnival night was inaugurated by David and Victoria Beckham. Domestic and overseas superstars, including the basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, Scarlett, Victoria’s Secret supermodels, the band OneRepublic, Liang Chaowei, Lin Zhiling, Chen Yixun, Li Yuchun, Hua Chenyu, TFboys, and Yue Yunpeng, etc.; all showed their support at the grand carnival. As shown from data from CSM, Kuyun Eye and several other investigation institutions, the TV ratings for the TMALL 11·11 carnival night was ranked top on Nov. 10. By 9pm, the ratings had already outperformed its peak figure compared to last year.